We have seen the future of robots, and they’ll probably run faster than you. Whether it be pneumatic muscles, a biometric design, or even one that can hit 28.3mph, a tad faster than Usain Bolt’s top speed during his record-setting 100m dash, these robots are definitely conversation pieces. Continue reading to see them all.

3. Athlete Robot

Sure, the “Athlete Robot” could use some work on its balance, but aside from that issue, its speed and natural human-like motion definitely hold promise. It was created by Ryuma Niiyama, a former University of Tokyo post-doctoral student, and runs on air-powered pneumatic muscles.

2. MIT Cheetah

Unlike other robots, this one features a biomimetic design – reduces stress on joints and improves efficiency. In other words, this means that it’s far more efficient and is capable carry its own power source. That’s not all, it seamlessly transitions from a trot to gallop.

1. Boston Dynamics Cheetah

That’s right, Usain Bolt’s top speed during the 100m dash was 27.78MPH, and now this Boston Dynamics cheetah robot has topped it by hitting 28.3MPH. One caveat (for now): it’s tethered to an external power supply stuck to an indoor treadmill. Fortunately, Boston Dynamics is developing a Wildcat robot that can run untethered.