Robosen K1 Robot
Photo credit: CNET
The Robosen K1 Interstellar Scout is basically a programmable humanoid robot that focuses on STEM education for children, teens and adults alike. Featuring seventeen servo motors at the joints, the movements are not only extremely smooth, but mimic those of a real human. You can control it with a free Android / iOS app, your own voice, or a basic remote control. Use the integrated USB port to quickly and easily download custom programs. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Harvard Research Robot Fish Swarm Robotics
Photo credit: Self-organizing Systems Research Group
Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) researchers teamed up with the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering to develop aquatic robots capable of synchronizing their movements like real-life school of fish, without any external control. This is the first time that complex 3D collective behaviors with implicit coordination in underwater robots has been observed. Read more for a video and additional information.

Samsung Bot Handy Robot Butler
We have seen the future of home robotics, and it includes Samsung’s all-new Bot Handy. Unlike current home robots, this one will rely on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to recognize and pick up objects of varying sizes, shapes and weights, becoming a helper around the house. This means that it can tell the difference between the material composition of various objects, enabling it to utilize just the right amount of force to grab and move around household objects. Read more for the video from CES 2021 and additional information.

Boston Dynamics Atlas Spot Robot Dance
We’ve seen plenty of Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot dog, but what about Atlas? Well, this humanoid robot faced off with its animal-like counterpart recently, and the result was a dance showdown. For those who don’t know, Atlas boasts one of the world’s most compact mobile hydraulic systems, consisting of custom motors, valves, and a compact hydraulic power unit that moves its 28 joints for impressive feats of mobility. Read more for the video and additional information.

Volkswagen Mobile Charging Robot EV
Volkswagen’s Mobile Charging Robot can be summoned either with a free app or Car-to-X communication, and it operates completely autonomously. It’s capable of steering the vehicle to be charged and then communicates with it, whether that means opening the charging socket flap or connecting the plug / unplugging. The entire charging process happens without any human involvement whatsoever. To charge several electric vehicles simultaneously the mobile robot moves a trailer, or a mobile energy storage unit, to the vehicle, connects, and then uses this to charge the batteries. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

LEGO Wrapping Paper Cutter Presents Machine
The hardest part about wrapping presents may be actually cutting the rolls of paper into perfect sheets, that is unless…you’re using this innovative machine by The Brick Wall. Simply put, this innovative machine precisely measures the presents by scanning it and then determines exactly how much paper to cut, which means you probably won’t be left with random shreds after you’re done wrapping. Read more to see it in-action.

NASA Boston Dynamics Robot Mars
NASA/JPL Caltech researchers are working with a team at Boston Dynamics to develop “Mars Dogs,” or autonomous robotic dogs that will be able to navigate the Red Planet’s rough terrain and its many underground caves. Similar to the Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity, and Perseverance rovers, they’ll come equipped with a multitude of sensors capable of detecting obstacles as well as finding the most efficient paths or creating virtual maps in real-time of underground areas. Read more for a video and additional information.

Hyundai Boston Dynamics Softbank Acquisition
South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Company announced that it will be acquiring Boston Dynamics for $921 million from Softbank. The robot maker is best known for its four-legged robot dog named Spot, but also countless other machines over the years, like BigDog, Atlas, and lots more. Boston Dynamics was originally founded by former professor Marc Raibert and spun out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1992. Google, Alphabet Inc., took over Boston Dynamics in 2013 before selling it to SoftBank in 2017. Read more for a video of MBKHD with Spot.

Aquatic Sea Robot Breakdance
Photo credit: Northwestern University
Researchers at Northwestern University have developed a bizarre life-like material that acts as a soft robot. This light-powered aquatic robot can walk at human speed, pick up and transport cargo to a new location, climb up hills and yes, even break dance to release a particle. It’s nearly 90% water by weight, and the dime-sized robot moves without any complex hardware, hydraulics or electricity. That’s right, it’s activated by light and walks in the direction of an external rotating magnetic field. Read more for a video and additional information.

Moley Robotics Robotic Kitchen
Invented by Russian mathematician and computer scientist Mark Oleynik, the Moley Robotics kitchen robot does it all. That’s right, this is claimed to be the “world’s first robot kitchen” and can cook recipes from scratch as well as clean up afterwards. Unfortunately, it will be out of reach for most consumers, as the robot is priced at over $390,000 USD. On the bright side, anyone who does purchase this system will be able to enjoy gourmet meals daily without the mess. Read more for a video and additional information.