Many of us have dreamed of owning a real arcade machine, while these people have decided to make their dream a reality by building playable custom versions. Continue reading to see more.

Street Fighter 4

Donovan Myers was tired of scouring local arcades for an official Street Fighter 4 cabinet, so he built his own Taito Viewlix-style version, using parts bought from a regular home improvement store. Supplies include: 32-inch Sony LCD TV, 2 x MadCatz TE FightSticks, and a PlayStation 3.

Xbox 360

This custom creation by Solomods is a one-of-a-kind arcade machine that features a Midway-sourced cabinet, light-up neon marquee, 60GB Xbox 360 console, and is even XBL-ready.


This could quite possibly be the ultimate NES arcade cabinet. It comes complete with four game pad slots, cup holders, NES cartridge slots, and custom artwork.