Superheroes are the characters that children’s dreams (and some teenagers as well as adults) are made made of, and partially because of their weapons / abilities. These three fans have brought three of them to life. Continue reading to see more.

3. Wolverine Claws

According to reader James, his friend decided to create wolverine claws using a combination of katana blades and a homemade housing that allow them to pop out at will — in other words, by moving your arm. Unfortunately, the katana blades aren’t constructed from adamantium, so they’re still breakable.


2. Pyro Flamethrower Gloves

Ever wish you could become Pyro from the X-Men series? Well, look no further than these awesome flamethrower gloves from J&M Special Effects. Best of all, this “pyro system is just a prototype, and the J&M guys say the final version of the system would be more streamlined so the hoses and cables could be hidden inside of a performer’s costume.”


1. Iron Man Repulsor-Beam Weapon

If you’ve been tinkering around trying to make your own authentic Iron Man suit, complete with repulsor-beam weapon, add this palm-mounted laser by Patrick Priebe to the list. This “handheld laser is 1,000 milliwatts, enough to instantly blind anyone not wearing special safety glasses.”