More than just concepts, these three incredible vehicles and technologies make use of hubless wheels for a completely unique riding experience. Unfortunately, it will still be several years until we see some of these on the market for purchase. Continue reading to see them all.

3. Lunartic Cycle

Simply put, the Lunartic Cycle is a bicycle that boasts “a really unique combination of different wheel sizes, a toothed belt drive and hubless rear wheel.” The USP being the gyroscopic effect of a large wheel aiding speed and more road-surface contact adding stability. The small front wheel saves space and enhances maneuverability.


2. Freerider Skatecycle

Dubbed the Freerider Skatecycle, this hubless skateboard features “double-jointed axle [that] enables the rider to twist their body to propel the device forward.” No word yet on pricing or availability.

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1. TRON Lightcycle

Parker Brothers has created the world’s first electric TRON lightcycle, and it features “a 96-volt electric motor, powered by a bunch of lithium-ion battery cells — the bike is able to hit a top speed over 100mph, and can go for about 100 miles per charge.” That’s not all, “it also features authentic TRON illumination with the flick of a switch.”

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Honorable Mention – FB R2000S

Unlike other motorcycles, the FB R2000S sports “hubless wheels with independent suspension and minimal fairings that in combination simply exude power and dynamism.” Miroslav Hundak’s FB R2000S concept is loosely based on the BMW R1200S, a Boxer model renowned for sporting performance and dynamic riding characteristics.