You’ve seen some of the coolest motorcycle helmets ever, now check out three of the geekiest motorcycle suits ever. One of the best we’ve seen is The Dark Knight armor above, by Universal Designs. Continue reading to see them all.

1. Dark Knight

From afar, it may actually look like you’re wearing a Batman costume, but it’s actually just UD Replicas‘ amazing motorcycle armor. That’s right, UD Replicas says that this is “a fully functional, ready-to-wear Screen Accurate Replica Motorcycle Suit” — image above via.

2. Iron Man Suitcase Armor

Yet another UD Replicas creation that’s currently in development, the Iron Man Suitcase Armor brings “the Mark V to life as an officially licensed, ‘wearable’ form molded leather motorcycle suit.” While the page doesn’t mention a functional Arc Reactor, a light-up version would add a nice finishing touch.

3. Storm Trooper

Adam Kuhn found an image of a motorcycle rider who created his very own Storm Trooper suit, complete with helmet. To further prove that the dark side of the Force is more talented, this Storm Trooper attempts and successfully performs a wheelie.

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