Whether it be a plane or Lamborghini, people have made just about everything you can think of at home, but trying to extract / show off these creations is another story. Fortunately, all of them remained in one piece. Continue reading to view them all.

1. RV-7A Plane

You read that right, Dan Reeves spent the past 9 years building a Van’s RV-7A airplane kit in his basement — “the RV-7A one can take two people as high as 25,000 feet”. Last week, Mr. Reeves “hired a contractor to dig up his yard and knock down the basement wall” to get it out.


2. Lamborghini Countach

Built by Ken Imhoff, this Lamborghini Countach features a chassis that was asterfully crafted from aluminum and a space tube frame. Powering this beast is a bored Boss 351 V8 engine, stroked to 377, that produces an impressive 515hp. It’s mated to a ZF-25 5-speed manual transmission. On the inside, you’ll find MoMo racing seats, aluminum trim, and quick release steering wheel. Best of all, it weighs just 2700-pounds.

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3. Pan-Am First Class Cabin

A United Airlines global sales director from Redondo Beach, Calif. has faithfully recreated a Pan Am first-class cabin in his basement, on a budget of $50,000. All pieces used, aside from the flat-screen TV, “is either original Pan Am or a custom-made replica.” According to its creator, “public, friends and fellow airline enthusiasts frequently hang out there.”

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