Solo Drone

3D Robotics, a Berkley-based UAV company, unveiled Solo, the world’s smartest drone. In addition to dual Linux processors and custom long-distance wireless, it can be programmed to record ‘Smart Shots’ autonomously, which include orbit and cable cam imagery. This drone is compatible with GoPro cameras and can also live-stream the video via the camera’s HDMI interface. Chris Anderson, 3D Robotic’s CEO and co-founder, says: “What Solo introduces are two new technologies for deep integration with GoPros. The first thing, is because it has an on-board Linux computer, it’s capable of running apps for computer vision for object tracking and artificial intelligence and other things. And because it also has a long-distance broadband connection, it’s able to transmit not just the HD video, but flight data and telemetry.” Continue reading for a video and more information.

Unlike other drones, the Solo’s two Linux computers – one in the quadcopter and another in the controller – combined processing power makes it possible to take the scripted camera movements in Hollywood films and turn them into software. He says: “Basically, we have shots that are almost impossible for a human to fly, or to fly well with any consistency, so we let the software do the work. They are shots you can initiate at the press of a button. For the first time, you don’t have to be behind the camera, you can be in front.” Pre-order page.