3DR Solo Smart Drone

The 3DR Solo is unlike any other in that it not only streams live HD footage directly to your smartphone or tablet from a GoPro attached to its 3-axis gimbal, but the controller also has dedicated controls for the camera so that you can change views on the fly. With a 20 minute flight time, you can either control it manually or set it to “Follow Mode,” which will have the drone follow your every move for action shots. Chris Anderson, 3D Robotics’ CEO and co-founder, said: “What Solo introduces are two new technologies for deep integration with GoPros. The first thing, is because it has an onboard Linux computer, it’s capable of running apps for computer vision for object tracking and artificial intelligence and other things. And because it also has a long-distance broadband connection, it’s able to transmit not just the HD video, but flight data and telemetry.” Get one here now. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

What also sets the Solo apart from others are its two Linux computers: one in the quadcopter and another in its gaming-like controller. Anderson said the combined power makes it possible to recreate Hollywood shots without the fancy equipment. He adds: “Basically, we have shots that are almost impossible for a human to fly, or to fly well with any consistency, so we let the software do the work. They are shots you can initiate at the press of a button. For the first time, you don’t have to be behind the camera, you can be in front.” More information.