While the electric go-karts found at your local indoor venue may be capable of speeds in excess of 40mph, these homemade creations are much quicker, or so we think. Continue reading to see more.

Busa Kart

The Busa Kart utilizes a 1300cc Hayabusa motorcycle engine and strengthened frame to handle the power. Though we’d like to see this compete in a drifting competition, it must be a blast to just ride around the neighborhood.

Jet Kart

This jet-powered go kart sports a MK101 Solent Gas Turbine Starter that produces 70bhp and 140.1bft torque. Other specs include a custom-built high pressure fuel system, lightweight alloy wheels, and a “ZIP Bandid Long Circuit” chassis.

Neuro Kart

Created by wires99, this custom-built electric go kart’s frame was made from Home Depot gas pipes. Capable of speeds in excess of 60mph (100-plus kph), it’s powered by an ES-33 motor, Alltrax AXE-7234 controller, and six Optima D34 Yellow Top batteries — final drive approximately 3:1.