Warehouses are great for storing things, and apparently, even converting into homes. These conversions range from massive farm warehouses in China to a small storage space that was once a car repair shop. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Oriental Warehouse

The old Oriental Warehouse in San Francisco’s South Beach District is a prime example of how to renovate right. Reconfigured in 2010, the old building was transformed into a luxe urban space by Edmonds + Lee Architects.Leaving plenty of exposed brick, concrete and timber was the key to this overhaul. While the shell and its structural contents are all old and rustic feeling, the rest of this interior is sleek and contemporary.

4. Farm

Tony’s Farm is one of those concerned with being more green; which led to their collaboration with Playze for a new structure. There is a total of 78 shipping containers all stacked, cantilevered and positioned every which way to house the corporate headquarters, meeting areas, lobby and of course – warehouse. A courtyard style structure allows for a nice outdoor space, great for impromptu meetings, lunch or anything in between.

3. Australian Warehouse

Nested in the highly sought after Surry Hills area, this 1 bedroom, 1 bath loft is chock full of art, clean lined furniture and pops of color. The stark contrast of black window casings and gallery white walls makes for a sophisticated space, while the pop art style paintings and cutout walkway surroundings add a bit of fun to the otherwise sleek interior. A ladder staircase takes you up from the black and stainless kitchen to the private spaces that are all left open to the 5m high ceilings, leaving this little abode nice and airy.

2. Mini

Over the past 120 years this warehouse has served as many different things including a motorcycle repair shop, secondhand washing machine warehouse, a builder’s workshop, and even a studio for local artists, but after hitting the market in 2003 the new owners had a different idea for the space. The 1890 small industrial building located in south-eastern Sydney, Australia is now a beautiful two bedrom, two bathroom home.

1. Brick

The latest to surface this beautiful warehouse conversion in Abbbotsford, located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The two story home features a large open plain living and dining room, floor to ceiling New York style windows, courtyard, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. The brick constructed exterior can be seen through many walls within the home’s interior as well, creating a beautiful constructing effect paired with the hardwood floors and stainless steel accents.


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