Our editors have compiled a list of five, tech-related clocks you can’t buy, or at least anymore. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the entire list.

XBox 360 Tissue Alarm Clock

Here’s a first: an “XBox 360 Tissue-Dispensing Alarm Clock Case Mod” — which features “not only intense tissue-dispensing action, but a snazzy EL-based alarm clock.” Unfortunately, instructions weren’t provided on how to build your own — that is, if you have a broken 360 laying around.

…the Xbox 360 case mod sheds all such constraints such as “functionality” and “reason” for a case mode made especially in our honor


“The Handle” Alarm Clock

“The Handle” Alarm Clock — designed by Duck Young Kong — puts a new twist on the classic device with the addition of a handle, in which users pull to set alarm/clock time. No word yet on if this concept will go into production.

The length of the wire represents amount of the time. Therefore, user can easily understand how much time remains before they must wake up. Pushing the LCD screen will turn off the alarm. The clock can be placed on a side table or hung on the wall


Functional Hard Drive Clock

Alan Parekh converted an old hard drive into a fully functional clock. It uses twelve high power LEDs to display the clock hands and a custom programmed PIC16F628 microcontroller for clock operation. Unfortunately, this creation isn’t very practical as older hard drives are quite noisy.

Slot cut into upper drive platter and white tape on center drive platter provides a slot that when illuminated by the LED’s will represent a clock hand. Minute hand is represented by blue light, hour hand is represented by red light and the second hand is represented by purple (both blue and red on at the same time). Infrared Beam sensor and drilled index hole in lower drive platter. Three micro switches to set hours, minutes and seconds.


Pong Clock

The score shown on the left and right sides correspond to the time of day. A continuous random game of Pong is played by the clock every 24 hours. If you haven’t already heard, the Pong Clock is no longer in production — as of March 1st, 2006 — due to a cease and desist order given to its creator by Atari.

AXbo Alarm Clock

For an alarm clock that monitors your sleep patterns and wakes you at the best possible time, look no furthur than aXbo’s Sleep Phase Alarm Clock. With support for up to two people, the Sleep Phase includes a sweatband with built-in sensor that wirelessly transmits your sleep pattern info to the clock. Ensuring that you don’t oversleep, the alarm will sound within a 30 minute window before your desired wake time. [Source]