Laptops have come a long way in both aesthetics and technology since their introduction in the early 1980s (first flip form factor designs). Who knows? We may even see laptops that look exactly like paper books in the future. Continue reading to see five cool high-tech laptop designs that think outside the box.

5. Fujitsu Real Notebook

The Real Notebook is a laptop concept that delves into the advantages of bendable AMOLED screens. It gives the notebook design a push in the direction of actually flipping through a book. You have to agree that we are always at looking to make technology devices more realistic and natural, this notebook is perfect synergy towards the efforts.

4. Fujitsu Luce

I am going to ignore the fact that this sexy looking, clear polycarbonate laptop is inspired by light. I’m only fixated on the Double Solar Panels (one on top and the other under the keypad) and the possibility of having a laptop that needs NO WIRES! Yes, even for charging it! Anyone at Fujitsu please make the Luce!

3. Recyclable Laptop

Designer Je Sung Park says that disposable cameras and cell phones have gained acceptance, so why don’t we take the next step and bring out a disposable computer? His Recyclable Paper Laptop is quite a raw version and could do with some refinement. It uses recycled paper or pulp material all packed in layers. This is so that you can easily replace the damaged portions (even corrugated paper will tear easy).

2. Sony Paysage Hybrid Laptop

Here is a 14.1-inch laptop that features an inductive stand for the home. A soft rubber hinge reinforced with a piece of metal inside gives it a maximum opening of 180°. Use Paysage as a laptop or switch to a home PC of 21 inches. In the laptop configuration, all is powered by battery. However as a desktop computer, the screen is powered by the induction of the stand and connected via Bluetooth.


Measuring only 9mm thick, it can be easily gripped and is convenient to carry. Materials used include fine porous graphene materials, high polymer and silicon on the hinge part. PANDORA is a flexible laptop PC for the next generation.


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