Our editors have compiled a list of five eco-friendly vehicles that you won’t see on your way to work anytime soon. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the full list.

Hybrid Electric Bike

Created by Michael Brown, this “Hybrid Electric Bike” is capable of rolling you along “at around 34+ MPH”, powered by “a $150 dollar German-made brushless 400-watt electric motor in the hub of the front-wheel and two light-weight nickel-metal batteries.” To date, he’s put on 15,000 miles and saved $2,500 worth of gas.

Wires from the battery pack to the motor run neatly along the mainframe and the throttle is much like a motorcycle. It cost Brown $1,300 to build the bike from scratch


Twike – Electric Bicycle Hybrid

Twike is basically a nifty “human-electric hybrid vehicle, designed to carry two passengers comfortably through any weather with speed and style, and without harmful emissions of any kind”.

Each person has a set of functional pedals by their feet. that each passenger can drive this vehicle from their seat. Regenerative antilock braking captures energy from deceleration and puts it back into the advanced computer controlled battery, where it belongs, instead of wasting brake pads and rotors


Electric Motorcycle

“Jmrfife” took a “Derbi GPR-50, removed the gas motor, and installed an electric drive system.”

In case you are interested in building one, most of the key parts were purchased from thunderstruck-ev.com and electricmotorsport.com. Todd Kollin at electricmotorsport.com sells a whole range of electric motorcycles, including a Derbi GPR conversion


EV-X7 Hybrid Bike

Axel Corporation’s EV-X7 is touted as the first “electric motorbike with a hybrid plug-in, electromagnetic-permanent magnet motor — is seven times more cost-efficient than scooters running on petrol.”

Motor housed inside the bike’s rear wheel. Range: as much as 180 kilometers on one charge. Battery can be charged at home. Full charge takes just a little over six hours. The vehicle can travel up to speeds of 150 kilometers per hour

Tzero – World’s Fastest Electric Vehicle

Stylish, powerful, and eco-friendly, the sleek electric-powered Tzero roadster does 0-60 in just 4.1 seconds. The lightweight chassis combined with a 200bhp engine makes Tzero the world’s fastest electric vehicle. Two potential negatives, it costs $219,525 and won’t come stateside anytime soon.

“…its range of just 100 miles at 60mph and the small matter that the tzero has not yet been approved for production in the USA. “

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