Another day, another batch of beautiful homes. Above, we have “The House in Asamayama”, which was developed by the Japanese architecture firm Kidosaki Architects Studio. It features a minimalistic interior, including a floor-to-ceiling glass wall that overlooks the mountains. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Compact

Yashihiro Yahomoto Architect Atelier has defined in the contrasting city of Nara, Japan, a modern residential project for a young couple. Niu House breaks the boundaries of traditional design and becomes a point of attraction for the passers-by. The house spreads over 220,36 square meters and is entirely made of wood. Compact, cosy and comfortable, the house is spacious enough to accommodate even a small courtyard between the two volumes.

4. U3 House

The uncommonly looking U3 House by architect Masahiko Sato of Architect Show is a good example of creative modern Japanese architecture. The residence is located in a crowded neighborhood of Fukuoka city, Japan and showcases quite a few interesting site adjustment features. In order to cope with the limitedly-sized terrain, the architects came up with a white cube house design, visually contrasted by an intriguing architectural element: a base clad in dark walnut.

3. K5 House

Masahiko Sato, the architect of Architect Show has defined the K5 house, in Kurume, Japan. With a futuristic kind of look and incredible high ceilings in one of the wings, K5 is ideal for young families, who are not afraid to embrace asymmetry and volumes, without questioning the architect’s sanity. In contrast to the rural landscape, on Sato’s project is written “avant-garde” all over.

2. House in Kyobate

Covering almost 166 square meters, the modern family house known as House in Kyobate can be seen rising in a part of Nara, Japan. Its versatility and modern minimalist elegance lies in its architectural simplicity. A mezzanine level looks down on the minimalist social spaces dressed in white and wood and extending to shape a wooden protrusion from the volumetric architecture on the facade.

1. BB Residence

An intriguing example of contemporary Japanese design, the irregularly shaped BB House by Yo Yamagata Architects meets the challenging site requirements of a central Tokyo neighborhood. The architecture of the residence respects the need for privacy of the inhabitants: massive walls close the house on the side facing the street, while small window piercings open it up towards an inner garden.