Here are five geeky gadgets you can use to liven up your desk — includes the Availabot, Verballs, and more. Which one is your favorite?


The “Availabot” is a USB-powered “instant messaging buddy-bot” which tells you when buddies go online/leave by falling over (leave) or standing up (go online). Additional info here.

Availabot stores the IM details of the friend it represents in the puppet itself. That means you can buy a few, load them with your own IM screenname and service, and give them out like business cards to your closest contacts

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USB-Powered Paper Shredder

File this under: “Useful USB Accessories” This mini-sized USB paper shredder is perfect for all your bank receipts, post-it notes, business cards, and documents. It measures 16 x 12 x 14cm and weighs 661g. Available later this month for $32.00 through USBGeek.[Source]

SpyDisk Pen

This all-in-one pen comes in 256MB, 512MB, or 1GB capacities and also features a built-in SD card drive. Product page (Japanese).

The SpyDisk (don’t ask why it is called this – we simply don’t know) costs ¥2,800 ($24) for the 128MB version, ¥3,880 ($33) for the 256MB version and ¥4,800 ($41) for the 512MB version


Barry Table Lamp

At the push of a button, this egg-shaped “Barry Table Lamp” opens up to reveal a circle of LEDs — with their light diffused by reflective surfaces inside the lid for an ambient glow.

The futuristic-looking light resembles a big egg, and most likely a soft-boiled one since it has a chunk of the sphere sliced off to serve as a “lid.”


Verballs – The Talking Skype Monster

“Verballs” could be the strangest USB gadget ever. This device works with Skype and “lip-syncs to your caller”. When a call is received, it starts waving its arms around. More information here.

There’s also a mic and headphone socket if you want to plug in your headset for a more private chat. Since it’s pretty much a regular speaker, you can also play your tunes from it

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