So you’ve seen plenty of gadgets you can’t buy, now check out these five high-tech pens that are currently available to purchase. “Continue reading” to see the list.


This nifty device not only functions as a pen, but is also a USB flash drive and MP3 player. It boasts 512MB of memory, an FM tuner, built-in microphone, LED indicator, and a shockproof case. Available now for $48 through Brando.

See, you use the voice recorder to record your CFO and CTO in the bathroom talking about embezzling funds—you were hiding in a stall, using the FM radio to pass the time


Wi-Fi Pen

Made by Informatica, this Wi-Fi pen allows users to detect wireless hot spots within a 50-foot radius. Product page.

It also includes a state of the art “writing” feature, allowing you to jot down notes and ideas on pieces of paper, no keyboard or printer required


SpyDisk Pen

This all-in-one pen comes in 256MB, 512MB, or 1GB capacities and also features a built-in SD card drive. Product page (Japanese).

The SpyDisk (don’t ask why it is called this – we simply don’t know) costs ¥2,800 ($24) for the 128MB version, ¥3,880 ($33) for the 256MB version and ¥4,800 ($41) for the 512MB version


“Fly” Pen Calculator

Not the most practical pen calculator, but quite interesting none the less. Product page.

It’s an electronic pen with a brain (a built-in computer processor) and a recorded voice…for example, one can draw a calculator and tap numbers to help figure out algebra homework or how many weeks’ worth of allowance will buy


Docupen RC800

At $300, the RC800 is a pen-sized scanner with 8MB of internal memory — good for use on magazine articles, newspaper clippings, small photos, and more. There’s also a built-in microSD card slot for memory expansion. Files are easily transferred via USB. Product page.