We have seen the future of displays, and it’s holographic, or so we’d like to think. Which ones are your favorites?


Similar to the Holo TVs we previously covered, “HoloVizio” by Holografika is a next-generation display “for 3D visualization.”

Viewers should see a 3D image on the screen, as they would see in reality

Full-Color Animated Holographic Display

XYZ Imaging has developed the world’s first full-color animated hologram, “that not only appears in full vivid color, but also has a very realistic 3D effect and can even be made to playback up to 6 seconds of real-time video or animation as you walk past them.”

The holograms are front lit and are designed so that they maintain the same contrast and colors across a greater viewing angle unlike traditional holograms which usually have a ’sweet spot’ for the best effect


Cheoptics360 Holographic Display System

ViZoo’s Cheoptics360 holographic display system could be the future of product advertisements. This portable system can be setup just about anywhere, fixed on the ground or recessed from ceiling structures.

With revolving video images, that can be seen 360° in all ambient light conditions, Cheoptics360 brings new life to product launches, demos, and branding in general

Musion Eyeliner Holographic System

The Musion Eyeliner by Dimensional Studios is basically “a high definition video 3D projection system that allows for spectacular freeform 3-dimensional holographic moving images to appear within a live stage setting.”

EON ICrystal

EON’s new “Holographic Display System” provides “floating 3D images in space combined with real objects often defined as mixed reality or augmented reality.”