Sometimes, less is more, and that is definitely true with these stunning minimalist homes from Japan. First up, we have the Hiyoshi House, which features large side windows to let natural light flood in during the day. Continue reading to see five more examples.

5. Trees

The Garden Tree House is a project restored by Hironaka Ogawa & Associates in Kagawa, Japan. Seen from the outside, the house looks perfectly normal (it has a modern design, a straight neat facade and a beautiful zen garden surrounding it). The “anomaly” consists in a pair of trees (an Azelkova and a Camphor tree), with sentimental value, that ended up being integrated in the house’s structure.

4. Villa

This countryside retreat envisioned by practice MDS impresses due to its original shape and interior design. According to Designboom, the project was developed by using three adjacent volumes of different heights, with overhangs for controlling natural light and heat intensity.

3. Bright

Half an hour by car from Tokyo and you’re in Saitama. All the houses have their own spot reserved for cars because public transportation is not available in the area. We’ve spotted a house that not only looks rather weird, but has also adapted to the irregular outline of the site.

2. Geometric

This faceted steel building occupying a surface of only 47 square meters is more than enough for the living needs of a family in Osaka prefecture, Japan. Developed by Japanese studio Fujiwaramuro Architects, the home has an original exterior shape, one that seems to follow the contours of the roads. A sloping roof visually contrasts the curving lines of the lateral walls.

1. Environment

It is commonly said that circles and spheres are related to accomplishment and perfection. The Pit House, a project developed by UID Architects, in Japan, is one of the most amazing and bizarre living spaces we’ve ever seen. Embracing nature, the house reflects this human need to belong to a whole.


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