Most motorcycles aren’t designed to be eye candy, these five examples just might be the exception. Above, we have the Bandit9 motorcycle, which is based on BMW Chang Jiang 750 chassis. Featuring a matte black finish, custom gas tank, handlebar, fender and seat. Continue reading for more.

5. Confederate R131 Fighter

Confederate Motorcycles have unveiled their latest bike constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum that is as light as it is durable. Dubbed the R131 Fighter, the bike comes equipped with carbon fiber wheels and a set of 4-piston Brembo brakes. Only 10 bikes will be produced by the Baton Rouge team and are expected to go for a cool $100,000 a piece.

4. Confederate R135 Wraith

This time we get to marvel at the R135 Wraith Combat of which there will only be 7 made. Details are limited at this point, but with a price point of $135,000 the bike is sure to include strong and powerful specs.

3. 2013 Zero S

By combining the best aspects of a traditional motorcycle with today’s most advanced technology, Zero Motorcycles produces high performance electric motorcycles that are lightweight, efficient, fast off the line and fun to ride. Each motorcycle is optimized from the ground up to leverage the revolutionary Z-Force electric powertrain and uses a specially designed rigid, aircraft-grade aluminum frame to minimize weight.

2. Sora Electric Motorcycle

The bike enthusiast engineers at Lito Green Motion have developed the $44,000 Sora Electric Motorcycle. “It’s got specs like a normal motorcycle: two wheels, rakes, 708ft-lbs of torque, top speed of 120mph and a range of 185 miles, but that’s where the similarities to its gas-guzzling brethren end. It also has an LCD touch screen, on-board GPS and the world’s first electric seat.

1. Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat

The record-breaking Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat is being produced in a limited quantity of 36 for thrill seekers looking to average 172.211 miles per hour. The motorcycle features a 132 cubic inch, 4.4L V-Twin that pumps out 160 lb-ft of torque and 160 horsepower. At $72,000 the bike is a steal.


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