When is a playhouse, not just something you buy from a toy shop and set up in the backyard? When it features sliding doors and a full-featured living room, complete with furniture and even a television. Continue reading to see five more playhouses that are nicer than your real home.

5. Rocks

While it may look minimalistic, there’s no denying that the “Rocks” play house is a lot nicer than many real homes that people live in. Everything from the plush recliner to the fireplace just screams winter getaway.

4. Firehouse 11

Don’t let the firehouse looks fool you, as inside this play house there’s plenty of room for one to relax and even sleep. Yes, there’s even a pole that your kids can use to slide down from the bunk bed, if they want the real firehouse experience.

3. Country Home

I mean seriously, a play house with granite counter tops, a flat screen television, and wood floors? That’s exactly what you’ll get when you purchase the “Country Home” for your child. Unfortunately, the dog is just a plush toy, so you’ll have to shell out even more for a real one.

2. Modernista

Sleek and stylish, the “Modernista” looks to be straight from a “Better Homes” magazine. It’s perfect for an aspiring chef, and boasts a full kitchen with dining table, along with a sink. Plus, there’s even a loft area for when you get tired.

1. Blue Wonder

The “Blue Wonder” is basically a nice, cozy little cottage that can fit up to 4 little ones. It comes complete with a nice area rug, framed pictures, clocks, play table, and lots of windows for natural lighting.

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