What Not to Say to a Photographer

Photo credit: Luca Masini

Some would consider themselves a “professional photographer” if they just so happen to have a large Instagram following for whatever reason, but the profession is much more challenging than simply applying filters to random images. Italian designer Luca Masini decided to come up with a “What Not To Say To Photographers” series showcasing some of the things people actually say to him. On a somewhat related note, did you know that before the digital age, the US government took spy photos of the Soviet Union by launching 20 satellites? That’s right, each of them contained 60-miles of film, along with cameras. After all of the film was used, it was shot back through the Earth’s atmosphere in heavily shielded buckets and then sent into the Pacific Ocean where C-130 Air Force personnel snagged them with grappling hooks. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for 11 cool math tricks that just might help you out.

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