While Adobe’s Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) may be the choice for most design professionals, these graphic artists prove that Microsoft Paint can be used to create masterpieces as well. Continue reading to see more.

Dragon Ball Z’s Piccolo

Dragon Ball Z fans rejoice! MS Paint is now a viable option for painting your favorite characters. In this case, we have an animation-cel inspired Piccolo drawing.

Mona Lisa

Created by EclecticAsylumArt, this version of the Mona Lisa was drawn using only MS Paint in just 2.5-hours. The incredible time-lapse video above trims the process to just under 5-minutes.


Sony’s first and only portable gaming console is fun for the whole family along with MS Paint artists alike. The only thing that could top this photo realistic drawing is a faux 3D PSP created in Paint.

Master Chief

Sure, you’ve seen Master Chief in all the Halo games, but we get a rare glimpse of him in MS Paint thanks to a talented artist. Though the shading could use some work, it’s definitely a conversation piece nonetheless.

PlayStation 3

This list wouldn’t be complete without an MS Paint PlayStation 3 to complement the PSP.

Les Paul Guitar

According to artist Louisa, this beautiful Les Paul guitar was created in MS Paint without the use of any drawing tablets, just a standard computer mouse.