These creative joysticks — by talented SRK members — were all custom-built from scratch using everyday objects, and show that the sky is the limit when it comes to design. Continue reading to see more.

GTA4 Collector’s Edition Box

This creative joystick was made using a Grand Theft Auto 4: Collector’s Edition box. Parts include: custom Cammy artwork and clear Seimitsu push buttons.

Granite Joystick

For those who prefer an ultra durable joystick that will stay in place during heavy gaming sessions, this custom granite joystick should do the trick.

Baking Pan

Don’t bake, yet have a baking pan lying around? Then turn it into a functional arcade joystick like this modder. One caveat: it dents very easily should you end up dropping it.

LEGO Joystick

LEGO pieces can be used to build just about anything, and this joystick proves it. Unfortunately, the bricks aren’t as malleable as other materials, so the start/guide/back buttons are in a separate module.

Suitcase Joystick

Tournament players rejoice! This creative suitcase joystick is durable, stylish, and most of all, very easy to transport, with the standard handle.

CD Box

Thanks to digital media, compact discs aren’t as popular as they were before, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take your old case and turn it into a functional joystick.