Now that you’ve seen the creative arcade joysticks made from everyday things, these custom portable gaming systems are the result of taking your creativity a bit further. You’ll find many classic consoles recreated, including: the Atari Jaguar, Dreamcast, and more. Continue reading to see them all.

1. Atari Jaguar Portable

This Atari Jaguar portable by “EVIL NOD” — took 2 months to complete — not only plays the cartridges, but it looks like its home console counterpart. It’s made of MDF wood and is powered by a 7.4V battery from a portable DVD player.

2. SEGA Dream Tablet

One of the most creative portable systems we’ve come across, WERD’s Dream Tablet was the culmination of 50-hours of work — running on a 14.8V li-ion battery. Featuring TV-out, controller ports, and a GD-ROM drive.

3. IntoGrafix

Measuring 215 x 135 x 55mm and 750g, MegaBite’s IntoGrafx system allows players to switch between Japanese and American game cards at the push of a button. Other features include, stereo speakers, 3.5mm headphone jack, and custom molded controls.

4. Supertendo

Super Nintendo fans rejoice, thanks to Retroactive! For a Nintendo DS-quality SNES portable that features a 5-inch LCD display, integrated speakers, and headphone jack, look no further than Supertendo. Best of all, it looks just like the original console’s gamepad.

5. Nintendo-On-A-Chip 2

How about a custom portable NES that fits in a pocket — though a bit uncomfortably? Meet the “NOAC #2” (Nintendo-on-a-Chip). Everything you see above was handcrafted aside from the Super Joy 3 internals you’ll find inside, which packs a whopping 76 games.

6. SEGA Master Boy

Though it doesn’t look very sleek or stylish, the SEGA Master Boy is more than meets the eye, as this custom portable utilizes the VDP chip’s RGB output to produce a pixel perfect image on its 5-inch display. Plus, it plays any PAL Master System cartridges.

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