Google Maps is currently the king of the online maps, street view world. So, it’s only fitting that they provide some form of entertainment, in addition to their navigation features. We’ve compiled six of the funniest sightings for your viewing enjoyment after the break. For those just checking in, be sure to check out our first installment.

1. Just Looking for Toilet Paper

This man has just finished dropping something that belongs in a toilet, and is looking around for some toilet paper, or just anything to wipe with. Thankfully, the pedestrians do not seem to notice.


2. This is My Front Lawn Right?

Sometimes, you drink to drown out your sorrows. This guy decided to drink until he couldn’t make out the difference between a dark alley or his own front lawn. Unlike the Hang Over, Google’s Street View team will show exactly where he was last night.


3. Bathroom Break Where There’s No Bathroom

Ever need a bathroom break when stuck in the middle of nowhere? These guys show what not to do. You know what they say: “If you pee on the freeway, and no one is around, Google Street View will still be there.”


4. Where’s Waldo? Oh, Right There.

Waldo, the international man of mystery, has been spotted by Google at 77 Putney High St. in Wandsworth, England, UK. He really doesn’t seem that tall in-person, and what is that he’s carrying, a man bag?


5. In Case of Zombies, Always Carry an Assault Rifle

In case of zombies, you should always carry an assault rifle. Or, this guy could just be annoyed at the Street View car that’s been following him around all-day waiting, waiting for a moment like this.


6. That’ll Be $.50

When you see a black unmarked car with tinted windows making erratic stops in the neighborhood, it could mean only one thing: the driver is delivering flowers (or weeds). I mean, what better way to surprise your significant other than by risking your life for them.


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