Before asking Google for suggestions, consider solving the situations offline if they involve a burning home, becoming a nerd, or even when you finally decide that Windows itself is a virus. Continue reading to see them all. For those just checking in, check out the first, second and third installments.

1. House is on Fire

Let’s see, you have internet access, but decided to ask Google for suggestions instead of calling 911. Even if you stumbled upon a nice tutorial on how to put out a house fire would be a bit too late.

2. What a Friend

So, you just got home from a friends house and realized that your wallet was left there. No problem…until that ex-friend decides to deny everything. In that case, Google Suggestions to the rescue.

3. Downloading Things for Dummies

If downloading everything and anything you find online is on your shortlist, these suggestions may not come in handy. I mean, just about everyone downloads ghosts and tries to run them on their computer right?

4. Nerd is the New…Nerd?

When you reach the pinnacle of coolness, there’s only one thing left to do: become the king of nerds, or just a nerdfighter. And by using your computer to search Google, rather than ask a friend, you’ve taken the first step on the path to nerdiness.

5. Using The Force to Search

Ever break your computer screen and still somehow manage to search for answers? It’s not as complicated as you may think, once you use The Force. Or, you could just be at friend’s house, but we’d like to stick with the former.

6. That Explains Everything

Why blame evil programmers for all the viruses floating around, when you can just blame Windows. That’s it, time to uninstall Windows and run only FreeDOS.

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