You know you’re a Star Wars geek when you own two or more of these gadgets. Highlights include the Lightsaber MP3 player, TIE Fighter Speakers, and more.

Mimoco’s Star Wars Flash Drives

Mimoco has unveiled a new line of Star Wars-themed USB flash drives, which will come in 1GB, 2GB, or 4GB capacities and be limited to just 2500-3500 units each — depending on the character. One potential negative, pricing is expected to start at $79.95.

While the remaining three Star Wars characters have yet to be announced, Mimoco’s giving you a chance to win ’em all if you can guess them correctly, though we somehow doubt that our favorite fish-faced leader Admiral Ackbar will be among them


Lightsaber MP3 Player

File this under: “Strange Music Devices” At first glance, this device may look like a toy, but in reality, it’s an 8GB MP3 player, complete with Bluetooth.

This lightsaber comes with 8GB of flash memory in addition to Bluetooth, used to transfer music to and from your computer. And you thought those multi-colored iPod Shuffles were cool?


Darth Vader Popcorn Machine

If the custom designed smoked glass, etched with Darth Vader’s image doesn’t wow you, then the price will. Looks aside, this is a fully-functional 6 oz. popcorn machine that would be perfect for your living room. Its available now for a whopping $1,099 from Snappy Popcorn.

“Specially-designed with chrome, gloss black coating, and smoked glass to capture the essence of one of cinema’s all-time great villians.”


Mini Remote-Controlled R2-D2

This mini R/C R2-D2 is “fully controllable from the included lightsaber remote — authentic sounds, turning head and red LED eye complete the package.”

No more playing with your old skool Star Wars figures by shaking them and talking in a funny voice, this is the real deal… and we don’t kid when it come to Star Wars. We would have killed for this little R2 gem as a kid and it’s still pretty damn cool as an adult


Millenium Falcon Mac Mini

The guys over at MacMod have managed to cram a Mac Mini into a $20 Millenium Falcon Toy. They also concealed an iSight camera into a gun port and added one extra USB port for the iPod Shuffle [Source]

Star Wars TIE Fighter Speakers

Created by Question Mark Entertainment, this nifty TIE Fighter speaker system would go well with your R2-D2 iPod dock.

We have no idea what sort of drivers are in these two, dare we say, satellite speakers and their accompanying subwoofer, but if looks could kill, our Death Star would be completely exploding just about now