When it comes to mass-produced gadgets and technology, going green is easier said than done, but these people have taken it into their own hands by creating some strange yet functional wooden gadgets. Continue reading to see more.

MP3 Player

If you’ll be using your MP3 player only for listening to a few tracks, you can pick up this camera-inspired gadget. The player is handcrafted from wood and unfortunately, only has 256MB of internal memory. Available now, from this store.


Despite looking suspiciously similar to its metal counterpart, this Vespa was crafted entirely from wood. Yes, even the seat, wheels, handlebars, and wheels were hand-made. Project page.

Nokia Wood Phone

Not just for looks, this Nokia wooden phone concept actually works. That’s right, Nokia commissioned its eco-team to build the 8.0-megapixel beauty above, complete with working display. Project page.

SNES Controller

Yes, the giant SNES controller above actually works is crafted from wood and does more than just sit pretty. Put simply, a standard SNES pad was hacked for the PCB (Printed Circuit Board), placed inside the giant wood sculpture, and then wired up to the new buttons.

Jupiter Mouse

The handmade Jupiter wooden mouse boasts a built-in accelerometer to determine the direction in which it’s being moved and calculates the velocity using a tilt sensor. Product page.

SNES Portable

An engineer decided to put a Super Nintendo he had laying around to good use by cramming it inside a custom-built wooden case, complete with speakers, modified PSOne (LED backlight) display, and headphone jack.