Our editors have compiled a list of seven cool gadgets you can make at home. If you’ve come across any other cool projects, please leave us a comment. Continue reading for the list.

How to: Build a Potato Gun

“Jackanape” provides us with a short video tutorial on how to build a potato gun in a few easy steps.

How to: Make Paper Snack Boxes

Learn how to “make paper snack boxes in 2 minutes or less” — perfect for college dorm rooms or the office.

How to: Turn Old LPs into Record Bowls

“Kipkay” shows us how to turn old vinyl LPs into “funky” record bowls. If you’ve tried this project, please leave us a comment on how it turned out.

How to: Make a Simple Electric Motor

“Oskay” shows us how to make a simple electric motor in just 30-seconds using “one drywall screw, one 1.5 V alkaline cell, six inches of plain copper wire, one small neodymium disk magnet, and no other tools or supplies.” Full instructions here.

This type of motor attracts an electromagnet towards a permanent magnet. When the two are close enough,the polarity of the current through the electromagnet is reversed, so that it now repels the permanent magnet, and thus keeps turning

How to: Make a T-Shirt Folding Machine

Learn how to make your own nifty t-shirt folding machine using only a few pieces of cardboard and some packing tape.

How to: Make Silly Putty

“Kc5ifk” shows us how to make silly putty in a few simple steps using materials that can be found at your local hobby shop.

It is an example of an inorganic polymer, noted for its many unusual characteristics.It bounces, revealing its rubber roots, it breaks when given a sharp blow, it can flow like a liquid when it is slowly stretched, and will “melt” into a puddle over a long enough period of time

How to: Make a Mini Air Horn

“K” shows us how to make a mini air horn in just a few easy steps, using a balloon, film canister, scissors, and a straw. If you have any other tips, please leave us a comment.