Most keyboards are primarily used as computer input devices, but this one doubles as a secret stash – though we hope you’re able to actually lock the bottom half. That is just one of the many unsuspecting places you can hide your gadgets. Continue reading to see more.

7. Behind Television

This person may have used the hidden space behind the television for their Blu-ray player, etc., but it’s always a great place to store some of your valuables, like an expensive watch and whatnot.

6. Picture Frame

While we don’t recommend ruining a perfectly good painting to create a secret stash, there are companies out there who actually specialize in these unsuspecting gadget hideaways.

5. Suntan Lotion

Most people apply suntan lotions purely for the purpose of protecting for skin. However, what you may not know is that there’s a version with a hollow interior to stash all of your most prized gadgets, or at least the ones that will fit.

4. Air Vent

Should your home get raided, most burglars would head to the bedroom and look for some type of safe or hidden cabinet. The last place they’d probably check would be an unsuspecting vent.

3. Wall Outlet

Wall outlets are great for plugging in your electronics, and apparently, if you get one of these, storing small gizmos and gadgets. Plus, if this has an additional screw, there’s almost no way someone can pry it open with their hands.

2. Bathroom Tile

There’s absolutely no way that someone, burglar or not, will look at each and every tile in your bathroom during the heat of a moment. So, it’s safe to say that this small box (or several) is definitely one of the safest places to store some of your valuables.

1. Behind a Wardrobe

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe has been somewhat brought to life with this hidden wardrobe room. Now this could definitely be considered a safe haven of sorts for the home owners.