Now that you’ve seen some beautiful minimalist homes in Japan, it’s time to check out a few ultra luxurious (yet modern) designs. Starting off, we have the “Beach House”, located in Peru, which is “spread over three levels with autonomy and unfolding chronologically according to the needs of different users.” Continue reading to see them all.

7. Contemporary (Melbourne)

Meet the exquisite chic and enjoy the atmosphere created by the award-winning Australian designer, Robert Simeoni. Envisioned as artful house, that combines subtle lines of design with gorgeous modern details, the house located on the 27th Main Street in Northcote, Melbourne, is a breezy living space and moreover, it is now for sale! The RT Edgar agency is responsible with the selling.

6. Sustainable (Big Sur)

The imposing Coastlands House was especially developed by Carver + Schicketanz for a retired couple in Big Sur, California, USA. The majestic oaks located on the site dominate the neighboring landscape and direct the views towards the Pacific coast to the West. According to the architects, “a massive stone base connects the structure to the uphill slope, contrasting with the lighter steel and glass elements of the home.”

5. Promenade Residence (Australia)

Different from every stand point, Promenade Residence in Queensland, Australia has many inspiring features for the ones looking to build their own modern opulent retreat. BGD Architects aimed at developing a home balancing private spaces with maximized vies of the Surfers Paradise skyline.

4. Beech Avenue (Toronto)

The universal design of the residence was aimed at living spaces that will function for generations: “A glassy double height dining room suggests a transparent division between the public spaces at the front and the private spaces at the rear of the lot. A generous front porch extends the living spaces toward the street and connects the house to the eclectic fabric of the neighborhood.” Advanced lighting and control systems with iPhone and iPad connectivity are an integrated factor in the design, ensuring overall ease of use.

3. Enchanting (Melbourne)

A strong connection with the environment is established, due to the large windows present in almost every room of the house. The transparence creates a seamless transition between the environments, making the inhabitants explore the best of both, home and nature. The house, situated nearby the bay, offers endless possibilities in terms of relaxation. A wonderful roof-top terrace offers the most amazing views over the site.

2. Nussberg Penthouse (Vienna)

Exquisite, playful and with a touch of rustic elegance, the Nussberg Penthouse, with its bohemian setting (an old Vienna hotel with an exterior spiral staircase), seeks to offer a unique living experience, by blending the natural feel with the contemporary comfort.

1. Y-Shaped (Mexico)

This gorgeous Y-shaped house, located in a small town in Mexico, San Luis Potosi, is the home of a couple that no longer lives with the children. The residence was envisioned as a space that offers plenty of privacy for the couple that has to get used to the new, less “dynamic” lifestyle. The house is surrounded by a solid brick-wall and it has a small outdoor jacuzzi, for relaxation. The entire project was completed in 2012 by Grupo Volta.