A-Bike Electric

When is an electric bike not just a novelty you use once in a while? When you’ve got an A-Bike Electric, designed by a very talented team in London, which can travel 15 miles on a single charge. It measures in at 21 x 40 x 70cm when folded, and can be unfolded in a mere 10-seconds. Weighing 26-pounds, its compact 24V battery can be detached from the bike itself and charged at any outlet, even the ones in your cubicle – four LED lights indicate how much power is left. Continue reading for a video and for more information on how to get your own.

“Just start pedalling and the power assistance automatically kicks in to do the hard work for you. Clever sensors detect when you’re slowing down, on a hill for example, and automatically provide more power assistance when you need it. Go further and get there faster. Take on hills. No sweat,” says the team. Kickstarter page.

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