Dragonfly DF1

Designed and built by the now-defunct Swisscopter AG, the Dragonfly DF1 is a one-man helicopter that uses a pair of hydrogen peroxide fueled rockets attached to the tips of the rotors for power instead of a more conventional gas turbine engine. Weighing just 234-pounds, this helicopter can still carry a 500-pound load – pilot, fuel and cargo. The rockets enable it to achieve a top speed of 115mph and cruise at 40mph for up to 100-minutes with an extra fuel tank. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Control of the Dragonfly DF1 also differs from a more ‘normal’ helicopter. Instead of a joystick for banking left and right and controlling forward and backward movement, a collective control for engine power, and a set of rudder pedals for yaw control, the Dragonfly DF1 gets a much simpler handlebar mechanism which hangs down from the rotor head and allows the pilot to control the angle of the blades. A throttle lever allows for power adjustment,” reports Diseno-Art.

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