AAPL stock briefly traded at $605 in after hours, a new high, thanks to the company unloading 3-million new iPads (excluding pre-orders) over the weekend. In comparison, “it took the original iPad 80 days to reach the three million unit mark; then it took the iPad 2 28 days to reach one million units, although the iPad 2 was only initially available in the United States.” Continue reading for an up-close look at the incredible Retina Display.

The multiple market availability accounts for a lot of those three million, but it’s still a very impressive number. Looking at these statistics, it seems like the iPad can be the new iPod indeed. The iPad and App Store tandem is so solid at this point that they may be able to keep the hegemony of the tablet market for years, just like the iPod did, redefining the music player in tandem with the iTunes store.

[via Gizmodo]