Action Trackchair

When a tank meets a wheelchair, you get the Action TrackChair. This all-terain wheelchair features tank tracks that enable the mobility-impaired to traverse just about any terrain, like sand, mud, ice, dirt, and gravel. There are multiple models available for different types of users, including ones equipped with tilting chairs, stand, and some under 30″ wide. Prices start at $11,500 and can vary depending on options chosen. Read more for another video and additional information.

“The Action TrackChair comes with an onboard battery charger which is extremely quiet when charging the two dry cell batteries overnight. Some wheelchair battery chargers are very noisy, thankfully this one is quiet. The batteries were fully charged and ready to roll after 12 hours. This chair operates flawlessly in the outdoors. It is surprisingly quiet while moving over leaves, grass, mud etc. It would be impossible to try and stalk game, due to breaking sticks etc. but it is quite getting to the ground blind,” reports Accessible Hunter.

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