Adafruit PyPortal Portable Winamp MP3 Player
Remember Winamp? The media player for Microsoft Windows, originally developed by Nullsoft’s Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev, that was sold to AOL in 1999 for $80 million? Well, Adafruit’s PyPortal turned the multiple portable Winamp MP3 player concepts into a real working product, complete with touchscreen control. It faithfully recreates the aesthetics and even includes support for the original Winamp themes.

This touchscreen device lets you easily load MP3 files via SD card, while playlists are handled as .json files on the CIRCUITPY drive and can be edited within the backend. For those wanting a bit more customization, you’ll be able to load any file in the Winamp Skin Museum archives to the device with a simple Python conversion script. What does this mean? The interface is mainly for show, but the core MP3 player functionality remains intact.

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This project will turn your PyPortal into an MP3 player to play your favorite tunes with the familiar Winamp look. Create and manage multiple JSON playlists and rock out to whichever one fits the mood. Take it a step further by choosing a custom Winamp skin and convert it for use on your PyPortal,” said Adafruit.

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