AKG’s Q350 In-Ear Headphones Quincy Jones Signature Line is currently being offered at just $47.88 shipped, originally priced at $149. These headphones “deliver high-accuracy sound with outstanding dynamics and bass response.” Product page. Continue reading for a full video review with verdict.


  • The in line microphone works with iPhone, Droid or Blackberry devices.
  • High Accuracy Sound with outstanding Dynamics and Bass response, Ultra Lightweight, Carrying Case.
  • iPhone Compatible, in-Line Microphone and Remote Control.

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Video Review

The AKG Q350 earphones use dynamic drivers, one in each bud responsible for the full spread of frequencies from the claimed 12 – 23,500 Hz range. They exhibit a sound typical of this type of driver – there’s plenty of bass on show. The AKG Q 350 are fun earphones, with a big, bouncy bass and a surprisingly expansive sound. They take some getting used to, and do provide some sonic satisfaction once you’ve gotten over this hump.


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