Not just any welding robot, e-David has been repurposed to recreate just about any acrylic-based painting. That’s right, researchers at Germany’s University of Konztanz removed its welding torches and replaced them with paintbrushes; “given the range of motion the robot already had to perform its welding duties, repurposing it to create art wasn’t difficult.” Continue reading for a video and more information.

The process of reproducing a work of art begins with e-David taking a picture. It processes the image and estimates which brushstrokes will be best to recreate the original. The robot makes tiny, almost hesitant lines with the brush, but it’s just the meticulous nature of the approach.

Every few minutes, e-David takes a picture of what it has so far. That image is compared to the original, and the program determines which brushstrokes will minimize the difference.

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