Amazon Go Store

Photo credit: Stephen Brashear / Getty Images

Amazon’s new motto for their Amazon Go stores is “Grab and Go,” as customers literally just walk in, grab their items, and walk out, without checkout lines or even cashiers. The company has tested the concept store for a year with employees, and as of today, Monday, January 22, it opened to the public after all the bugs were worked out. How does it work? You’ll first scan a QR code when entering, and then the store uses sensors, cameras as well as machine learning computers to tracks customers. Your Amazon account is automatically charged upon leaving. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“The prices seemed to be in line with other similar brick-and-mortar convenience stores, with a whole section devoted to Whole Foods products. Although Amazon Go was unveiled before the $13.7 billion acquisition of the upscale grocery retailer last summer, speculation has been rampant that the Amazon Go model is one they want to replicate in larger stores,” according to Digital Trends.