Anki Drive

Anki DRIVE is a high-tech slot car game like you’ve never seen before, complete with a physical racetrack you can lay down on your living room floor and a complex AI which changes the game on the fly without changing the cars or track. You can either use an iPhone or Android phone to manually steer one of the Anki Drive cars and see where each car is in relation to the others and coordinating their actions over Bluetooth. Product page. Continue reading to watch a grand prix video, for more pictures and additional information.

Believe it or not, each car calculates its position 500 times per second, has individual wheel control, and can even drift. In the real world, these cars would be driving 250mph and making executions within a tenth of an inch. Use the free Anki DRIVE app to command and customize your cars with upgrades – make them faster on the track, boost firepower, and tons more. More information.

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