Fostech Origin 12

There’s the Fostech Origin 12, and then this new short-barreled version, which makes for an even better zombie-killing weapon, complete with hard nickel receiver. This updated model boasts a quick change barrel, forward charging handle, an in-line detachable magazine, and an adjustable gas piston loading system. For anyone seeking even more firepower, it can be equipped with either a 20 or 30 round drum. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“And the best part of all? With one of those 30-round drums, you can fire them all in less than 8 seconds. It’s built on an AK style platform that helps tremendously with rapid shooting capabilities. It also boasts an ambidextrous safety and magazine release, multi-caliber receiver and comes with an all-weather tactical hard case,” reports Hi Consumption.

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