Batman Tumbler Golf Cart Real

Here’s another look at the mini Tumbler that started its life as an EZ-Go golf cart. The original vehicle was completely torn down to its frame before being rebuilt. Countless hours and $30,000 later, it became the Bat-themed Tumbler golf cart you see above, complete with Super Swamper tires. As you can see, the original cart components are gone, replaced with a go-cart motor, anti-theft kill switch, tablet stand, adjustable leather seats, and a Batman logo on the steering column. Continue reading for a video of it in the Gumball 3000 supercar rally.

“Perhaps a mysterious American billionaire playboy will swoop in to buy the Tumbler cart. I’m imagining Batman golfing in the dark in his Bat suit with argyle socks pulled up to his knees. Lucius Fox should be able to whip up a high-tech golf club to keep him under par,” says CNET.