Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit

Sure, Halloween may have come and gone this year, but UD Replicas’ Dark Knight Rises motorcycle suit ensures that you’ll be able to fight crime all-year, or at least keep yourself safe on the roads. It’s constructed from high quality, safe proof materials including Grade A cow hide, Kevlar details, CE-approved body armor in the forearms as well as elbows, shoulders, and a back spine protector. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“But where it really counts – on the bike – the Batman suit is surprisingly easy to wear. In the half hour I spent riding in the gear, back and forth through an alley, in front of a camera and on a short freeway stint with a pillion, I felt remarkably comfortable. There’s some stiffness in turning my head and torso, but nothing I wouldn�t expect from brand-new motorcycle leathers. As a riding suit, the Dark Knight gear is impressively functional,” said The Sunday Best.

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