Urban Rigger Shipping Container Dorms

Architecture firm BIG connected a few shipping containers over water, and what did they create? Urban Rigger, a series of interconnected shipping containers designed to float in urban harbors, priced from just $600 per month for students. These solar-powered units offer waterfront living at a fraction of the normal cost, with its 680-square-meter modular design consists of 9 stacked shipping container units. Each shipping container dorm houses 12 students, complete with their own bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Click here to view more images of the floating housing. Continue reading for a more in-depth video and information.

“To meet carbon neutral status, the floating dorms are powered by solar energy and a hydro-based heat-exchange system that draws on seawater as a natural source of heat. NASA-developed aerogel is used to insulate the interiors, while Grundfos energy-saving pumps are installed for wastewater, heating, circulation, and drinking water. Urban Rigger says the shipping containers, made entirely of Corten Steel, are upcycled to save on materials, energy, and cost.,” according to Inhabitat.

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