Anime People Art

Photo credit: Robert DeJesus

Always wondered what you’d look like as an anime character? Wonder no more, as artist Robert DeJesus can take just about any photo and give them a cartoon-like makeover. Here’s what the artist requires: “Send a single person selfie style photo reference to my email and I’ll send you back a price and payment method when a spot becomes available and if I like the photo. Commission rate begins at twenty dollars for just a digital file version selfie style (just below the shoulders to the top of the head) sketch. Extra fees will apply for these sort examples: to have the pencil drawing sent USPS (depending on where you live), how much more the body is included in the photo, special requests like asking to add or subtract things for the sketch, and so on.” Continue reading for more examples and the commission page.

Anime Art

The artist also adds, “It simply makes my life a whole lot easier to focus on drawing for my customers and not having to email people back and forth all day with these details. Even if you did follow everything I will not be accepting every request due to the amount I receive on a daily basis so please do not be offended if I don’t ever get back to you. I may be waiting on other customers, the photo just doesn’t inspire me, the request is over 48 hours old, working on other projects, family stuff… These portraits are only when I have time available to do them.” Commission page.