Artist Drawings

Let’s face it, any drawings produced by a 2-year-old probably aren’t going to be museum-worthy to say the least, but this mom decided to transform her daughter’s work into painted masterpieces. According to the artist, “…my two year old creates her own sketch with an ink pen which I then use to turn into a watercolor painting. The sketch is completely her own with no instruction given from me, I simply use her creativity to inspire me to create a painting.” For those who can’t see the video above, continue reading to view a selection of her drawings.

The artist adds, “I try to work quickly and let imagination and play take root into the painting rather than taking it to seriously, this way I can encourage Eve’s contribution without making it to ‘grownup.’ I feel so blessed that my daughter can remind me once again what it is to paint like a child by letting me see through her eyes.”