Sayaka Ganz, an artist from Yokohama, Japan, was taught “that objects discarded before the end of their usefulness ‘weep at night inside the trash bin’.” So, she decided to transform these everyday household objects into incredible animal sculptures. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

I only select objects that have been used and discarded. My goal is for each object to transcend its origin by being integrated into an animal/ organic forms that are alive and in motion. This process of reclamation and regeneration is liberating to me as an artist.

Building these sculptures helps me understand the situations that surround me. It reminds me that even if there is a conflict right now, there is also a solution in which all the pieces can coexist peacefully. Though there are wide gaps in some areas and small holes in others, when seen from the distance there is great beauty and harmony in our community.

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