ASUS Project Precog

Photo credit: Windows Central / Giz China | Gallery credit: Engadget

Intel debuted a dual-screen computer concept earlier this month, and now ASUS has followed suit with “Project Precog”. Simply put, it’s a full-fledged convertible device, which means it can be used in tent formation, folded around as a tablet, or just in laptop mode, where the bottom screen is your keyboard. Users can also lay it completely flat to game on both displays, while serving as a semi-desktop replacement. Continue reading for another hands-on video. Click here for a few bonus images.

“Project Precog is a glimpse of what we can see from Intel’s AI for PC Developer Program. Through that initiative, the chip giant is providing PC makers with tools and other resources for creating smarter computers. And that means there’s some competition for ASUS, as Lenovo also gave us a preview of a second-generation Yoga Book today,” reports Engadget.

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