ATM Jackpotting

Thieves are now hacking ATM machines in the US through “jackpotting,” or an attack in which cash is spit out of the machines. A The confidential Secret Service memo obtained by Krebs on Security stated that the ATMs targeted by the hacking include ones located in “pharmacies, big box retailers, and drive-thru ATMs.” “During previous attacks, fraudsters dressed as ATM technicians and attached a laptop computer with a mirror image of the ATMs operating system along with a mobile device to the targeted ATM,” according to Krebs on Security. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“It’s unclear which particular strain of malware is being used in this case, though the Krebs report suggests that it could be a strain of malware known as Ploutus.D. Last spring, researchers from Kaspersky Lab wrote about three (seemingly easy) ways in which fraudsters can hack and remotely control ATMs, including using a file-less malware known as ATMitch,” reports The Verge.